@SwIt Printfil  v.5.23

Print from DOS, Unix, Linux to Windows printers: USB, GDI, PDF, e-mail, network, IP, fax. Capture LPT1:-LPT9: & COM1:-COM9: and redirect the jobs, even to a printer physically connected to the captured port and w/out physical LPT/COM ports installed

Serial Port Mapper  v.1.5

It allows you to map any serial ports to any other ports. E.g. you install additional COM port expansion card to computer as COM7 serial port but your favorite software can work with COM1 port only. To resolve this problem you can use this program.


BSP Terminal  v.1 3

BSP Terminal is a Windows (Win32/2000/XP) application that emulates serial RS232 terminal. You can use it for direct com port terminal connection in manual or batch modes.

Winstrum  v.4. 8. 1942

Winstrum is used for serial configuration of Gefran instruments. The program provides the configuration of language, serial port (from COM1 to COM6) and Baud rate (1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 baud).

CARD6  v.2.0

CARD6 is a program for to create magnetic cards to use with your Axon management program. You need to have a little attention for to choice the correct port. Usually read/write card reader is connected to COM1 port, so you don't need to change it.

Phone Dial by PC  v.1.14

Phone Dial by PC can dial/operate a phone that is using the serial interface RS-232 connected to the PC com port. Phone numbers can be dialed and redialed from any application via customizable hotkeys.

Data redirect 3.7.3 B1020  v.1020

Data redirect is an additional module that allows you redirect a data from one data source (for example, COM1) to another data source (for example, COM2).

IPaNema  v.1.1.0

IPaNema reads any NMEA data from one of the serial ports (Com1-15) and delivers the NMEA data to any user selectable port and IP address using the UDP protocol acting as UDP server.

CASSY Lab  v.2 11

CASSY Lab supports one or more CASSY-S modules (Sensor-CASSY, Power-CASSY, Profi-CASSY, CASSY-Display, Pocket-CASSY and Mobile-CASSY) at the USB port or at the serial interface of the computer.

MicroRidge - ComTestSerial  v.

ComTestSerial is a test program to help them understand the output of their serial device. Main features: -Much friendlier and easier to use than the HyperTerminal Program included with Windows. -Install on as many computers as needed.

PstRotatorAz  v.5 6

The PstRotatorAz program can control a Yagi and a bi-directional rotary dipole on the same rotator, with the dipole in line with the Yagi's boom (90° offset from Yagi heading). This mode is BD-90.

M35080V6 ERASER  v.4 1

M35080V6 ERASER has been designed to read, program, and erase Incremental RegistersEEPROM.

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